The conservatory where only Arctic explorers dare venture, the kitchen slippers that do battle with the chilly stone floor – inadequate or poorly designed heating can lead us to hibernate in ever decreasing areas of our homes as outside temperatures drop. It’s time to break free.

We believe underfloor heating is the very best way to heat your home

No more cold spots or no-go zones

Warm water underfloor heating gently heats the entire floor area, keeping every room in your home at just the right temperature and ensuring you stay snug. Wave goodbye to chilly draughts and say hello to your cosy home.

No more working around radiators

A bulky heating system can be a year-round space-stealer, forcing you to squeeze in fixtures and fittings, compromising the layout and practicality of your home. Underfloor heating means you can enjoy every last inch of your home, 365 days a year. Free your walls and reclaim your space.

No more dashing to get dressed

Your hairdryer shouldn’t be your defence against bad heating. Designed underfloor heating puts you in charge, letting you control the temperature of every room individually. Stop shivering when you should be snug, and select a made-to-measure solution that works for you and your home.

No more freezing at home

Radiators can be a costly and inefficient way to heat your home. Warm water underfloor heating is much more efficient to run - up to 25% more efficient when paired with a boiler and as much as 40% more with a heat pump* - reducing your heating bills and carbon footprint. Banish high bills and bask in the warmth.

Talk to us about underfloor heating

Whatever the age, size or construction of your home, chances are it's suitable for underfloor heating. Whether you're plotting an extension, tackling a new build or giving your existing home a complete overhaul, we'll design your underfloor heating to be the perfect fit.

Questions about underfloor heating? Leave your details below and we'll be in touch.

Nu-Heat works out heat loss calculations for each and every room, designing your tailor-made underfloor heating system to ensure sensational snugness throughout your home.


About Nu-Heat

Nu-Heat has been designing tailored, award-winning underfloor heating and renewable systems for over 25 years.

Your home should be your haven. As the only heating company to be awarded a Distinction from the Institute of Customer Service, you can be confident that we will provide you with the support you need throughout your project. Request a callback and one of our experienced team will be in touch to offer some free advice.

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*Source: EuRay 2005